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Hi all,
I am a new VW T4 owner and have stumbled across your VERY useful site!
I took a chance and bought a T4 with no MOT (meant I could beat the seller down to make it within my price range)
On way to garage it conked out!! Lost power, horrid screeching noise, burning rubber smell and white smoke from engine:
Apparently it is the fan belt and tensioner?
I've been quoted £80 for parts, does this sound about right?
It's not a VW garage but has a decent local reputation - can anyone recommend a reliable VW friendly garage in west cornwall??
It'd be good to know of an alternative if these guys can't sort it.
Assuming I can afford to fix/MOT the van I am going to be a very happy van owner - it was a lovely drive til it stopped working - lol!
Grateful for any advice,
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