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Hi to the forum - My First Post .

I have just parted with the 20 year old family Motorhome and last weekend with the help and advice of long time T4 owner picked up a 51 plate LWB Caravelle for a bargain price. It has a few miles, character and a spot of rust!

Trim Retainers
It's a twin slider - both door cards are detached and missing most of the clips and clip retainers, the yellow clips are easy to find online however the black square retainers I cant locate anywhere (see picture) are these available or is there workaround to fit the trim without them.

Rear Heater
There is a heater / ac unit in a compartment at the o/s rear of the van, it has a motor, steel pipework and a heater box. How do you test if this is working correctly, i assume it needs the engine running and is independent to the cab heating

Leaky Windscreen
One more thing the windscreen is most definitely leaking which i think is why the carpets are damp. As a temporary fix until i can remove the screen and address the rust properly, is it possible / okay to remove the trim around the glass and seal around the glass with Black Sikaflex (or similar). Currently the van is under a tarp with a dehumidifier running to attempt to dry out everything.

Many Thanks
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