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Hello all from Hampshire,

After lurking and dreaming for over a year, I finally have my own T4

'02 2.5Tdi 88 LWB Tailgate with 154k in white (the fastest colour !?)

and I can realise some of the great ideas I've seen and add a few myself. We want to use the van as our main family car (we have a MkIII Golf GTi as The Wife's Car) and will be using it to camp all year round and to Get To Things. I wish I could download everything in this forum into my head, so much great advice and knowledge !

So far;
- Middle windows
- Painted bumpers
- Thatcham Cat 1 alarm inc central locking (thanks Stereo Steve, The Encyclopaedia of Vans Who Talks a Lot)
- £50 stereo that's remarkably good (Thanks Stereo Steve again)
- Clear indicators
- Insulated with Celotex, just bought some thermal insulation and loft wool from Wickes
- Lots of board and some cheap lining paper for templates (£30 odd)
- Carpet from some budget carpet store in Northampton (£32)

In the future (after a lot of forum reading, shout out if you can help/sell me something !);
- Two rear seats (with three point belts)
- Lino
- Tints - dark in the back and as dark as possible in the front
- Satin black the B pillar
- Mud flaps
- Propex heater
- Sub+speakers
- box + insulate the arches
- Some kind of bed/storage/seating solution. I've got a few ideas...
- A wheel solution

Then who knows !? It's all about how much I can get away with and how cold The Boy and The Wife get if I turn the heating off and refuse new clothes.

Some pictures added. I don't own the helicopter but I can go and look at it any time I want.
Richard aka Wulfrx

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Thank you all, very welcoming. Finally fitted the clear indicators (very easy !) and got some board up in the back after a lot of swearing and grunting as it's got to be bent to the right shape. I got some thick lining paper and masking tape from b&q and made templates and IT FITTED FIRST TIME ! Fantastic. It's all a learning curve.
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