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....not quite a newbie owner yet!!

Hi there, later next year I'll be joining the Camper revolution and it seems that a VW T4 is going to be my preferred option budget wise.
I'm just doing my homework on what the best thing to do is. Whether it's going for a fully converted bus or a day van/combi that I can personalise myself.
I'm torn as to what to do, no idea how easy it'll be too do stuff like that myself. I'm an ex-Army mechanic (left 15 years ago) now in the Ambulance service who after a young family bereavement has decided life is too short.

Thought I'd Join the forum to scroll through and take advice from posts to get a feel for what the right thing for me will be.

Already doing my wife's head in by constantly on ebay/Gumtree/preloved to get a feel for what's out there.

Have already noticed that as T4s go, there aren't many day vans that are half way there available, mostly fully converted or a beaten up panel van that needs too much TLC for my budget on NHS wages ?

Anyway, enough waffle, I look forward to asking advice in the future.
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