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Heya folks...

I'm in need of a pep talk and some advice here... I've rescued this wee T4 from ending her days rusting out in a farm yard... I've stripped out the plywood cladding to discover not unreasonable rust issues, some nasty adhesive on the floor that will prob have to be scraped/cut out (open to suggestions) and I have a fair bit of body work/rust repair to do....

I also have a mega greasy engine that neads a good clean and chasing out of resident spiders and miniature compost heaps, i'd like to get in there and give everything a really good clean but heres the thang...

I've taken this on with no experience of having done anything like this before, have reasonable tool skills but no engine mechnical experience... I'm pretty confident i can budget/trade thru contacts on parts/wot not but I'm pretty much on my own on this one for the most part!!

I'm having a bit of a - "what have I done!!?? where do I start?? and how do i prioritise what needs to be done???" - moment...

My initial plan was to just start stripping it down and deal with the rust first,get all the spots sealed and primed,need to strip out the entire cab, seats floor, dash an all to see whats goin on under there.... (dread to think),then start tackling any engine issues, then i'm thinking, maybe I should focus on the engine first but I have no Idea what I'm doing...

Maybe I'm answering my own question here as I write and I just need to not panic and always carry a towel but I'm feeling like there may be a methodical approach to this build that I'm missing here and would help keep me on track....

Trying to build the checklist as it were...

Have such a vision for this van and I love her... but the realisation of how much it'll take to get there has kicked in!!

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Hey mima jane and welcome.
Congrats on your new life/ toy/ journey .
Vanlife will literally change your life 馃槑 .
Don't look back ....we're here to hold your hand and offer words of encouragement ....and maybe take the Micheal a little along the way . 馃槣

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Welcome to the forum and the empty wallet clun (y)
Personally I would start by assessing the rust under the van before stripping out all of the interior
How bad is the van Structural side ?
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