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Hi all.

Im going to try and make my dream of the last 15 years come true this year. I know very little about them but would love to travel around with the family.
Just wondering how the best way about doing it will be. I have roughly around £10k to spend. Would love a T5 campervan with pop up roof, so the kids could sleep up there.
First decision is whether to buy one that has already been converted or do it myself ? ( I have no experience in doing anything with cars\vans though, but obviously would have a lot of fun and tears doing so if I did)
What do people think ? Is it hard to sort out the insurance once completed.

I also have to try and convince my accountant wife around as well. She is also wondering if our two kids 3 & 4 would enjoy going on holiday in it and where would we go. I think they would be the holidays the kids would remember travelling around.
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