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Hello peeps... New to forum so please bare with me! So my first vw was a Mk2 Golf Gti 16v.. Big bumper conversion quaffe gearbox and big smiles... I loved the old girl..
Second was a Mk1 Golf caddy, my favorite of all.... Thirdly, I've just bought a 1.9td 800 special. Nice bodywork, 135000 miles on her.... Right... Picked it up, drove well... Half way home the exhaust starts to blow pretty bad, I also noticed the boost gauge (not standard) has stopped working and I can't seem to hear or feel the turbo anymore? Could this be due to the hole in the pipe AFTER the cat box?(centre box has hole) I must admit this bus is slow but maybe an engine change in the future is possible... Also on that note.... I'm in the kent area and was wondering on costs of a full engine change and fitting? Does anyone know of a place near me that would fit either another Diesel engine or perhaps a vr6?

I apologise if I have posted this incorrectly...! All help appreciated as I now have these issues rolling around my head leaving my misses tutting a lot... "You and that van"

Ta peeps! ?
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