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'99 Caravelle 2.5 Auto

I nearly killed the wife and kids yesterday after I pulled out into traffic (the traffic been a Scania !!). I put the foot down but no power at all. The van limped along for approx 200yrds and then BOOM - it took off like a rocket and the air horn and glaring lights disappeared into the distance. (The screaming wife and kids stayed with me for quite some time after !!)

Anyway, it seems that when I start the van it won't go above 2,000rpm but if I put the foot to the floor in neutral and hold it there it will respond after 5 to 10 seconds and the revs will go through the roof. The van will then run near perfect but there are occassions on hills when the power is severly lacking.

After much reading here it seems that it could be related to the Turbo Waste Gate ? but I just can't find a thread with the same exact issue.

Am I on the right track ? and if so is the fix something an amature could handle ?

The van was recently serviced but the engine is a transplant with less than 200 miles up.

Any help much appreciated.
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