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I've read through some of the posts on the forum but none seem to be quite the same as the problem I've experienced. If anyone can shed any light I'd be grateful.
Basically the 'velle had started and had been running fine. After a short journey I sat with the engine idling, still running fine, then after about two minutes it cut out. When I turn the key part way so all the ignition lights are on I get a spark from the (ht?)lead, once the key is turned all the way there is no spark.
The RAC guy thinks its the distributor. It got towed to the garage where they found that the metal bit in the rotor arm was bent. I have no idea how that could happen :* I don't know if any further explorations were made,or if they just took the rac guys word for it.
With the garage quoting £150 for just a dizzy I need to be sure that I've explored any other avenues. I will be speaking to them later, any ideas folks?
If it is the dizzy, does anyone have a2nd hand one available?
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