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I'm stumped! ( 1997 800 Special 1.9td ABL )
While driving upto Leeds on the M1 my instrument panel went a bit mad.. The trip counter reset, the speedo kept dropping and various warning lights flashed.. But the van managed to get me to Leeds. I assumed at this point that there was simply a fault with the instrument panel (which didn't bother me as i have a spare somewhere).

However.... When it came to drive back to Nottingham.. no start.. My toad alarm/immobiliser responded as normal (beep and blink), but no glow plug light and no crank.. on turning the ignition off, a clicking behind the dash started and the speedo flicked in time with the ticking and the alarm LED blinked in time with the ticking..
I had a look around; battery charge and terminals were fine, fuses ok, nothing obviously wrong under the bonnet (to my eyes at least)
At this point I assumed the immobiliser had gone bad...

After a tow back from Leeds, I had another poke around and a google..
People suggested various fuses, relays and after checking these out it seemed to point back at the Toad immobiliser (Ai606).
So I bought a replacement Toad to drop in... No difference :/
Then i went on another suggestion and got a new glow plug relay.... No difference :/

I got hold of a OBD dongle and ran a diagnostic on the free VAGCOM software from rosstech(?) and got this:
VCDS-Lite Version: Release 1.1
Friday, 11 March 2011, 20:49:10.

End --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chassis Type: 7D - VW Transporter
Scan: 01,02,03,08,15,17,19,22,25,35,37,56

Address 25: Immobilizer Labels: 1H0-953-257.LBL
Controller: 1H0 953 257 B
Component: IMMO VWZ3Z0V4328175 V00
Coding: 02400
Shop #: WSC 00000
VCID: 2A2781ABC5F1
1 Fault Found:
00546 - Data wiring faulty
27-00 - Implausible Signal

... Now, this is vague... Though it suggests to me that a short could be the issue (worn cable or damp), but I don't have the time to follow wire after wire from here to there and can't really afford to get an auto electrician out at the moment..

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong or an educated pointer for me?
I did hijack another thread (http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=879090) with my woes, but decided to start a new one with a bit more background.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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