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Hey guys & gals

iam building as above says not the normal interior Eg: no cupboards/cooker/sink so iam wanting pics/ideas of interiors,,,what Ive got kinda in my head is a funky:db neon blue LED,,,sexy red fabrics:jiggy,full width bed/seating "With Seat Belts" possibly 2 sun roofs,decent sound system for chilled nights out,cosy comfy place to sit chill sleep,i will build a built in small fridge behind the drivers seat,,all our camping stuff Eg: stove,cutlery,will be in plastic boxes in t"house ready to fit in there place strapped down under the seating some how as & when we go away,,,an ideas/pics/ anything greatly received thanks peeps

Rick & Sharon & of coarse daisy the van;)

Ps any bed / seating designs "Open To Ideas"

i saw a t4 other day on ebay that had a one off interior that curved 7 the chap said he would send me pics but must of forgot but yeah that kinda thing:)T:
Pps i will be fabricating my own bed/seat including seat belts
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