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I'll add more as i find it and if you have anything to add let me know T:

NTTA Guide to Safe & Legal Towing

NTTA Guide


Preparing the Trailer Prior to Towing

Matching the Trailer with the Towing Vehicle

Checking Weight Distribution
Horses and Livestock Trailers

Trailer Checks Before Each Journey

Attaching the Trailer to the Vehicle

Driving with a Trailer

Driving with a Trailer

Step-by-step Reversing

Interactive Demo


The Use of Stabilisers

Trailer Servicing

Frequency of Servicing

Overrun Couplings - inspection & servicing

Brake Drum, Hub & Backplate Assembly

Brake Adjustment and System Setting

Fault Finding - couplings and brakes

Boat Trailers - additional operating advice

Trailer Maintenance

Trailer Lighting Requirements

Trailer Number Plates

Trailer Brake Requirements

Trailer Eyeshafts

Towing Jaws and Hooks

Trailer Wheels

Trailer Tyres

Towbars and Towing Hitches

Towbars and Towing Hitches


Trailers & Tachographs

The Law

Maximum Trailer Dimensions

Maximum Trailer Weights

Driving Licences

Vehicle Categories

Main Categories of LGV Licences


Glossary of Terms Used in this Guide

Download Guide
(summary of all the above in pdf)
Download NTTA Guide to
Safe Legal Towing


Regulation EC1071/2009 and effect on light trailers

The DfT intends to withdraw the 1020kg unladen weight exemption for trailers when assessing whether O Licence is reqd

Suspended prison sentence for unsafe towing

A man was given a suspended prison sentence for unsafe towing of a trailer on the M62 near Huddersfield.

Changes to MoT tests in April 2012

Changes are being made to the MoT test to increase inspection of towbars and towing electrics

Motorway Lighting Changes

Motorway lighting is to be switched off permanently on sections of the M1 (J10 - J13) to reduce carbon emissions

Accident due to trailer brakes.
An accident last August on the A64 in which 2 men died was due to very poor maintenance of the trailer brakes a coroner

Change to Trailer Width Rule

Following consultation, DfT have announced the removal of the 2.3 metre width limit on trailers towed behind cars and...

Trailer Hire Insurance

Trailer Hire Insurance is available through many NTTA members who hire out trailers.

Type Testing of Trailers

From October 2012 all type O1 (under 750 kg) and type O2 (under 3500 kg) trailers sold in Europe will require...

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Re: The useful Trailer links thread..

Didn't even know there was a trailer section. A:
I need to get of of the pub more often!
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