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We bought a December 2016 T6, T32 Kombi SWB this June, for conversion to a campervan, of our own design. It's a 204PS BiTurbo in Acapulco Blue, which was pretty well mint, and had just 8,000 miles on the clock. It has twin sliding doors and a high spec., though unfortunately, not the LED lights I would have liked. Mustn't quibble, the main thing was it had twin front seats, not a bench, which we don't feel is as good for conversion. We would have considered a Trafic or Transit Custom with twin cab seats, but they're like hen's teeth - there are a few more such VWs around, and we ended up with a choice of one at Carlisle, just up the road from us, or another at MalVW (they had a selection available) - but they're down in Cornwall, over 300 miles away. No contest! The van drives very well - on its first tank (before it received a new High-Top), it did over 40mpg, which astounded us.

Nu-Venture Motorhomes of Wigan we know of old; they make excellent bespoke vans on all base vehicles, as well as small coachbuilts. They found us a slot this summer, so our lovely new van went off there to be beheaded! Now, the conversion is finished. Dan Prestcott at N-V did much of the work, and took videos of each stage. You can watch them, on his Youtube channel Dantheman321, following this link to the first video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3sKlSiRS0k. The last video in the series has just been posted - take a look!

We are VERY pleased with the level of craftsmanship, the friendly and courteous treatment we received, and the constant updates - and the finished article, we think, is brilliant!

And we've called it the 'Quart' - as in Pint Pot! The storage in this little van is absolutely phenomenal.
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