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Amongst doing other mods I just fitted a nice little item that might be of interest to others.

On my 57 plate T5 I fitted a Y splitter to the OBD port, and then on the wiring to the original OBD socket I cut and modded the pin 16 power supply to feed from a switched live feed (instead of permanent 12V live from van) from a relay I already have set up to power a few other electrical additions. Yellow wire with red tracer to pin 16 iirc.

The fused relay is part of a complex little setup triggered by a 3 position switch that also powers my brodit phone cradle, a couple of USB power port units, the stereo switched live feed, the FM/AM antenna amplifier, an amplified DAB glasss mount antenna and the trigger wire to my amps. The switch lets me change over from it all powering only with ignition to powering up without ignition, or all off.

I used this :


I unclipped the existing OBD socket and connected it to the splitter, and the VW specific socket on the splitter fitted perfectly in the plastic frame that carried the original.

Ive done this because Im installing an ELM237 OBD to USB adapter that will be permanently connected to my android head unit, and I dont want a drain on the permanent live, and cutting the permanent live apparently removes a security risk on the OBD port so win win.

Tested it all in place with VCDS and its happy enough, and the original location still works exactly as original. :)
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