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Can anyone tell me a good place to order the 2 O rings and rubber grommet please? I've tried a few places but no luck as sold out - main dealer is miles away from me as is TPS.

Thanks for the help.

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Ok guys did mine today. Very easy job.

First you will need 2 of these rubber O rings. Cost me £4 from VW part number - 904 663 01. I did measure them and they are approximately 30mm.

I also replaced the rubber grommet for the breather hose - 030502. You could get away without doing this as the oil leaks from the O rings.

Anyway pics -

First of all, remove the grille and put van into service position (you may not need to if you have small hands)

Pull off the rubber breather pipe (the it with the big circular disc on it)

and you will see this. This is the base of the filler.

Then remove the 4 x10mm headed bolts holding it on and remove.

The top of the valve cover will look like this. You can see where the oil is leaking from (the lower hole).

The bottom of the filler tube looks like this -

You can see the two rubber O rings and the rubber grommet.

Remove and discard both rubber O rings and, if changing, the grommet.

Soak the new rubber grommet in boiling hot water to soften and then fit to the filler tube as so -

Then fit the two new O rings. One slides over a tube and the other is slightly recessed in.

Bolt the filler back on using the 10mm bolts. The rubber O rings will not fall out when you tip it back upside down so dont worry.

Then simply slide the breather hose back on and you are done.

The new rubber grommet is slightly longer than the old one so it is perhaps a revised component.

Happy swapping!

Hope there are no more leaks.
Great article very helpful i did mine last week just to let everyone know the part no for the grommet seams to have changed and is Oil Filler seal Cam cover gasket 028103500 and O Rings 90466301 hope that helps guys
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