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This is only the second time I’ve posted on here so here goes. I bought a black, t5.1, 2012, swb, sportline kombi in August last year. It was always my dream vehicle but it’s quite literally turned out to be a nightmare. I was in a bit of a funny place when I bought it as my mum had just passed and I had a car going off lease so in a bit of a rush I caught the train to Cumbria from Hertfordshire and bought the van off eBay (yep I know first mistake) from CumbriaVan. It seemed ok when I first drove it so I paid the money and come back with it. We left for Cornwall on holiday a week later and I started to notice the van was burning oil. I didn’t drive it much in Cornwall but made sure the oil was topped up and drove back. I booked it in to my local trusted garage when I got home and he informed me about how the 180 bhp models have a tendency to “go oval” as he put it.
I had no joy from CumbriaVan on EBay when I rung them, Ross Neville to be precise. He’s an absolute ******* crook as I now know.
I really didn’t have it in me to drive back to Cumbria and demand my money back as I had my mums funeral and council house to sort out. I searched around for quotes to rebuild the engine and I settled for Global Engines in Barking. There reviews were excellent and the price wasn’t too bad either. I booked it in, and got it back a week later and paid the money. It still didn’t seem right to be honest when I got it back and the smoke coming out the back soon reappeared. I took it back a month later they kept it over Christmas and they said the breather pipe was blocked. We took it home again and now the red oil can appeared on the dash with; oil pressure, engine off, owners manual. I’ve phoned them again now they’re saying it must be the turbo that needs replacing and it’ll cost £1400 for a recon turbo fitted. But to be honest there ****, unprofessional service has ****** me off and I just don’t trust them now.
The van is not being driven, it’s sitting on my drive and I’ve bought my wife a cheap runaround as the van was going to be her family car. Sorry about the long story but does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here?
I thought about having the turbo taken off and independently tested.
I know it sounds pathetic but please help. I’m quite literally at the end of my tether and do not know where to turn.
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