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Morning guys,I'm new on here and relatively new to the T4 seen.. I've a problem with oil light buzzer/warning light that i hope you can shed a bit of light on before i start running too many tests.
I've read the post regarding checks etc and it's been very interesting but i just need to clear something up that's going around my head so here goes!!!
I've a 2000 2.5 diesel which is only fitted with a single pressure switch and now developed the buzzer/oil light fault. As per it comes on at 2000rpm and the buzzer sounds a few times with the oil light flashing.. So my question is would you expect the oil light to go out once the oil pressure is in the sensors parameters or would the vagcom system keep it flashing to inform of the problem??
I'm only asking as once it's on it doesn't go off but if a switch the engine off and start it back up immediately the light goes off and will stay off forever until you reach the 2000rpm mark again.
Cheers steve
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