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I have a J reg caravelle i'm trying desperately to do-up. Apparently, it looks like someone has had a real go at the electrics and moved a lot of stuff around, taken stuff out and generally made a mess of things for me to clean up.

I've just been advised that the ECU has been removed and also the van starts a rather annoying beeping noise after about 25-30 mins of driving at around 40 miles per hour.

The oil light comes on to the right of the dashboard next to the head lights (looks like it should be an alarm check light not oil) and the radio cuts out every 5 seconds for a second or so when i turn it on!

I've paid garages money to fix the beeping (which they haven't been able to do) and also my emissions are too high (petrol engine) and we can't hook the van up to see what's wrong so it's already cost me loads to try and rectify these issues but its about to cost me another arm and a leg to have another go.

Can anyone help with how much it would cost to take out the electrics and re-do them properly or if it's worth doing this? I want to get strip lights for the back and put a proper sound system in along with a fridge and leisure battery at some point so I want things done right so I can add to them myself which I can't really do at present.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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