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Hi folks

Had our '94 vintage T4 LWB for 7 or 8 years (I forget now) we love it and have contributed around 90K miles of generally trouble free motoring to the 160K total. We got her as a panel van and chucked a mattress in the back before getting a basic camper conversion (lined and insulated, full width Reimo variotech bed and crew cab side windows)

She's beginning to look a bit ragged at the edges thanks to age and the occasional brush with the scenery, hard life as the kids taxi and is due a good dose of TLC.

I've got a few questions that have been bugging me for a while now and it may be that you've heard them all before and some are pretty basic, others for those projects that come into your head when you're at a loose end, but here goes.....

1. What is the cause of the tuk...tuk...tuk knocking rattle you hear on the old 2.4D engine (and others?) at idle, particularly when hot? I hear it all the time on other vans and ours has done it virtually since we got it. After 90K miles of listening to it I've got used to it but I suspect VW didn't intend it to do that. I know someone with a Volvo V70 which had the 'Audi' 5 cylinder diesel which I believe is a different version of the same basic unit which made the same noise then went bang but that was after 230K miles and may be completely unconnected.

2. How do you get the front bumper off ('square' bumper job)- the 2 screws behind the number plate are obvious I just cannot fathom the side brackets in the wheelarches.

3. How do you keep the rear quarter bumpers on - even when you're not driving into things! I've just given up.

4. How difficult is a rear disc conversion? Can you just swap rear trailing arms and brake set-up from a donor or do you need to change master cylinders etc?

5. Are all Synchro's SWB or if I found myself with time and money on my hands one winter (highly unlikely) is a LWB Synchro conversion feasible?

Liked what I've seen so far so hope look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.

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