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what kind of ppl live in this world ? unreal !!!

ok , so ive had my van from new , 6 years old now , just got it back a couple of weeks ago , spent a bit of money on a remap , bottom engine rebuild , new lights , wheel trims (wont go alloys just yet ) . soo my van looks nice again and is running beautifullllllly .

got up this morning to load up for work and some ba****d has tried to break into it , bodged the back door panel just by the lock with a screw driver . luckily they didnt get in it , but they will be right in it if i ever catch them doing it

there wasnt any tools in there to steal , what makes this worse is that i never lock the van , only last night i thought to myself "start locking it up " . so i did

to be honest i didnt think you could get into t4's like that ? only transits and cheep rubbish vans ! I:

anyways , thats my venting off for the day


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