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Jim & the powers that be,

As a member viewing some of the things going on can I respectfully ask a few things of the owners?

Clearly, and I wholeheartedly agree with this, the forum is not a place to publicly air commercial differences and it is not the place of members or mods to get involved really. If I fall out with Tesco I dont complain to you and if I bought something on this forum I wouldnt either.

I certainly don't know any details, nor want to really, but do think that in a democracy and a "forum" in the true sense of the word that is essentially content driven by its members, we should be allowed within reason to post what we like.

Clearly it should be moderated - thats what mods are for - but with more guidance and carrot than stick perhaps.

I am sure things are done with very good reason and if it is better explained to the users then they will see the reasoning behind it.

Just my two cents. If people are unhappy about anything then I for one don't have a problem seeing it here, as long as it is factual and unbiased.

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