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Hi i just wanted to share a fault that i found on my T5
2.5 tdi BNZ (260k)
I pulled up at a set of traffic lights a few days ago and as I moved off from the junction the glow plug light started flashing and then no throttle response,
luckily in limp mode the rpm increases to 1200rpm so i was able to get off the lights and to the side of the road.
Turn off/on and happy days light went out until i applied the throttle again.
So i limped it home 25 miles LOL, it's amazing that if driven super careful at a fixed 1200 rpm you can achieve a top speed of 44mph on the flat.
When i got home i plugged in Bosch KTS and got the fault code of (P0226 Accelerator pedal position sensor 1/2 signal improbable).
Live readings showed with ignition on engine off the pedal sensor increasing from 0.3v to 4.5v but 0% on values. But when throttle applied quickly to max, live readings were 100% throttle and 4.5v and decreased all the way to 0.3v and 0% throttle
But when applied from zero, the throttle glow plug light would flash and zero response again !
Gotta be the pedal sensor right ? LOL
So after wasting £87 on a genuine VW sensor.
And after a day of continuity testing and volt dropping all ECU wires i finally found the little ****, in the fusebox behind the N/S headlight is a board of block connectors and the blue one was the culprit inside the plug was one corroded and green terminal.
Hope this help's someone else

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Yeah - well done! I wonder how long a garage would have taken (at hourly rate) to find that one...
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