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Whilst installing passenger side Dash and door speakers i have obviously caught a wire behind the passenger airbag... The warning light is on the Dash it comes on after a while once it has checked the system and found a fault....

Anyone with experience of Airbag passenger trouble / know of what wire i have pulled. I know from changing the indecator stick to a CC unit the wheel airbag has a very light weight wire, is there the same on the passenger side that i have broken???

Any ideas on the part / wire i need to check or ultimatly replace.



Fault Code

Address 15: Airbags
Controller: 1J0 909 603 BK
Component: AIRBAG VW3 - V04
Coding: 16971
Shop #: WSC 02743
1 Fault Found:
00589 - Airbag Igniter 1: Passenger Side (N131)
32-00 - Resistance too High

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You might have just pulled the plug out a bit from the airbag and not damaged anything.

Then all you'll need is a finger to push it back in.

If your gonna have a probe around would advise you disconnect the battery for 30mins.
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