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Thought I would just write a quick note on my experience with Pendle remaps and their agent in Telford Gav.

So I finally took the plunge and went for the remap on my newly camper converted T5 102, I decided not to drive all the way up to Martin but this was only due to recent surgery and 6 hrs driving would be a little bit epic!

So I got intouch with Gav (GVN Mapping on here I think) and arranged a date, he responded to all messeges very promptly and set me at ease.

So the day arrives and after a 1hr slog upto Telford I am greeted by Gav and the nutty Diasy ( his pup) after a quick brew and chat we set about business. I'm sure some of you read about his chassis number/DVLA issue but he was more than upfront about his worris over insurance etc so I was more than happy to do the road test under his directions. Well after working after that punching it in 3rd gear lead to me growing some more grey hairs waiting for the van to move he then took us back and sent all the info of to Pendle.

Very soon after he had a call from the "big man" to say all was good to download and remap.

So road test time after the goods have been injected to my beloved engine, gav sat next to me and we drive off from his close. I must say at first driving normally and conservatively in 1st/2nd/3rd in the streets around his he asked what my thoughts were, I responded with feels the same to be honest. WELL Gav said let us just go back to the road sprint area and try that again, so we roll off a roundabout in 3rd and he said punch it.....so I did but this time I seemed to have a 3t rocket under my foot, even going up a gradient.

So I started to think yep that has certainly made a difference!! LOL:

As I am a fair slow and chilled driver we then took it on an extended drive up/down/around Telford and I must say that it was lovely. Just like a car.

The best part was the drive back on the motorway with me overtaking some clapped out nissan cherry or something equally as pap, which was on the inside lane and me in the middle, the young CHAV decided he couldn't be mugged off by a VAN so he proceeded to punch his banger on the inside lane.....I couldn't resist but just gently put my foot down in 5th and see him get smaller and smaller in my mirror!

He did not like that!

I on the otherhand smiled ALLLLLLLLL the way home!!

A: to pendle

And that folks is why Pendle get a good write up, I will update this further down the road in the interest of fairness and longevity.


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Cheers mate,

Your van was absolutely mint, inside and out, great job of the conversion, alloys were a great choice for the vehicle, should look even better once those springs are on..

Van seemed to go great, especially after the Remap, and the proof was in the Grin on your face...

Pleasure to do the Remap for you, hope to see you at the shows soon..

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