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I want to travel with my camera's, lenses and laptop but can't drag my stuff with me all the time so I need a safe or a vault in my van.
I have been looking at virtually every under the seat box / swivel safe but the problem is that my laptop, a 17 inch MacBook Pro, in my protective sleeve measures about 290mm x 420mm x 40mm and non of them seem to take that.
Some are okay width wise but the length of the laptop always is a problem. I could modify such a safe in length but the costs would be too high I recon.
Another problem is I need more space for my gear than what fits under the seats.

So I did some search, although the word "safe" is not an easy keyword to look for.
I found the VanVault products, which seem more interesting to me but I am not sure if I am willing to bolt down a vault to the floor.
I want to be able to quickly "convert" the van from passenger mover, to camper, to daily work to travel and I don't wanted anything fixed.

So that brings me to the idea of a mobile vault like:
But where do I fix this? Could I use a high resistance chain and padlock?
Locked to, for example the third row seats anchor points?
Would this seat anchor point be suitable to lock such a mobile vault?
How does one remove the bolts because looking at them I have no idea how, it's not a standard bolt?

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How about a Peli case? Chain it to the rear seats, with a chunky motorbike chain.
I had a van vault from another vehicle for short term storage of camera kit-there's no way I'd leave it overnight in it though-it would be too cold.
I use peli cases, which are perfect for cold weather/easy transportation, impromptu seats!
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