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Hi all

Bought one of the pioneer 8400 units second hand eBay and had it installed a couple of days ago but for some reason the Bluetooth options are greyed out and when I press the phone button it shows ready but no options then after about 30 seconds shows an error 10 which apparently means no power to the Bluetooth module.

Reading other areas of the net this is normally due to problem with a firmware upgrade but the guy I bought it off swears it was never fitted to a car and there were no marks at all in the screen and all cable bags sealed.

The unit it self has been fitted with the handbrake bypassed and was all installed by a mate who is a pro but he's busy at the moment and I'm researching the issue.

Anyone else got one of these units and come across the issue? Also having problems with the video out sending a feed so if anyone knows any hidden settings that need sorting for that as well :)

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