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Bit of a cheeky request, I have used the forum many times for info but never posted and now I need help... I have the ESP light on after a steering wheel removal that needs fixing to get through my MOT. VW could not clear it and claim it needs a new ESP switch at £70 plus vat, plus labour, well I am not convinced as it came on after I had the steering wheel off to replace the ignition relay, many months ago! I am worried they’ll change it not fix anything and then spend many more hours investigating at huge expense!

I have seen a fix on this forum that involves enabling the brake electronics using VCDS (see image belpw) but I do not have access to one.

Is anyone in the Whitecroft area with VCDS (and knows how to use it )that could pop over, or I could pop around? Happy to pay for your time, of course.

I have it booked in with VW on Wed 9th July, but it would be good to get a second option and may be a fix before then.

Please PM me if you are local and can help. Many thanks.

Oh, I rechecked the alignment of the steering wheel and the marks I made look to be in line, so I don’t think it’s a steering angle issue. But I now also have the airbag warning light on

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