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[Kindly forgive the pun & apologies to Mick and/or Keith if you're watching]


So after months, that's dedicated months (a luxury I could ill afford but couldn't afford not to either) looking at all manner of vans from giant Hymers to Romahome Solos, then not being sure, then struggling to find what I thought I wanted (why are all vans in Cornwall, or Scotland...?) I took charge of a 2013 T5.1 T30 140 LWB Kombi high-top (I'd say it's an extra high top - fibre glass with a nice front slope and a recess for the tailgate out back) and of course it needs 'adapting'...

I'm not if here is the place to ask (although all similar no two forums across all manner of topics seem to operate identical practices) but I'll knowledge pick anyway:

My fibre glass top has no windows, despite searching a lot I'm yet to find a supply and fit service. Is it even advisable? (Why wasn't it during the conversion?) I'd risk a skylight bur side windows would be fine too, and I understand these are less problematic. I'd like a skylight with a powered in/out fan

Theres not enough lights. There's only 4 led sources.

The Kiravan swivel bench seat, great fun huh? And all those scratches on the plastic covering the pillar behind the passenger door, well, you can hardly see them... Do people lubricate the swivel plate?

The carpet panel that was stuck to the sloping front bit of the roof, it's come off. I assume this due to the glue drying out, maybe 'helped' by the lack of overhead ventilation. I'd quite like a 'starry night' lining, recommendations please?

No speakers in the back. Siting suggestions?

Retro-fitting cruise control? Straightforward (for a mechanic, not me)? And which kits are best?

Almost finally, for now, I've ordered a Necvox aerial (it should arrive today) - fit a small metal plate to the roof? (That said, I can't reach the roof...) or, as I planned to, sit it on the centre recess above the stereo unit? If so, will the silver shades (Reimo) mean it must go outside?

Okay, thank you in advance for reading. Any replies would send me giddy with glee. Just to add, I'm new to vans, but I have been active on several other forums (non-van related) since the 1990s so I don't feel too brutish diving in with the above questions as I've spent time helping others in similar circumstances. And genuinely finally, I don't loads of money (in case it reads that way), I was only able to buy my van because my father died in November 2019 and he left me money my mother had left for him (to pass on). This is one in a lifetime opportunity for me, so I don't want to make too many mistakes and want to get things as right as possible.

I hope only this a) makes sense and b) doesn't contravene any site rules.

Thanks again for listening.

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