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These aid in the lowering of your pop top canvas safely.
After problems with the design of my pop top causing it to leak I decided to make my own bungee to aid the canvas when lowering the pop top roof.
It overcomes the bellowing of the canvas if you have the doors shut and also pulls the sides in and aids it while shutting to avoid damaging the canvas and shutting it in the hindges which ends up with some expensive damage.

I am not the first to do this but I am the first to use more expensive, proper bungee rather then cheap rubbish stuff which after a while looses it stretch or should I say stays stretched.

I have chosen to use the very best bungee so I use UK made Everlasto bungee who have been manufacturing ropes and twines in the UK since 1856. It is real quality bungee.

I have in stock grey, blue, red and black. I can get yellow, orange, pink and if you want others please get in touch and I will check with the supplier. There may be a week delay if you want a colour that is not in stock.

The clip is a patent pending design which allows for quick and safe connection, if the wind picks up you can also tighten it more. Pictures show it tight, you would normally have it looser then this. I include more then enough to allow you to adjust it from very loose to tight where others give you very little slack.
You can leave it on or unclip. If I am staying somewhere for 1 night I keep on, any longer I tend to unclip.

These are designed for T4,T5, T5.1 and T6, California, beach and other models. I am sure they will fit other manufacturers such as Ford, Fiat, Mercedes so please do ask.
If you would like any other items made from bungee please also get in touch.

If paying by paypal friends price is below.
SWB - £8 Posted
LWB - £10 Posted

If paying by Paypal Goods the price is slightly higher to cover fees
SWB - £8.50 Posted
LWB - £10.50 Posted

So in summary these are stronger, better quality, longer lasting and cheaper then any others out there. Oh did I also mention made in the UK. I am not trying to be a large scale company, I am an individual offering a hand made product to like minded owners with the same if not better materials. I also make Fiamma wind out awning velcro straps.
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