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So I was chatting to a few of the show runners we support and this year they are going to do something different for us :)

Instead of the usual " sponsored by A-Plan " banner they are actually going to let you know what our sponsorship money goes towards.. Be it the stage, a band, entertainment, its going to great to see what we actually do to support you guys and make sure the shows are as fun and entertaining as possible.

For the 2nd year running I have chosen the theme for a few shows to help out and tried to pick something as fun as possible ( Last year the Greatest Showman theme at Dubtoberfest was my idea :) ) ..

So at A-Plan we not only offer great quotes for your modified vans and campers but help to make the scene as good as it is :)

Again here is the list of shows.

The photo below was from Campermart last weekend and was a really good show.

01635 879910

Campermart 03rd of February

Veedub Family Birthday weekender 12th of April.

Dubs Collective 19th of April

Dubs at Stowford 03rd to 05th of May.

Vanwest 10th to 12th of May

South coast transporters show. May 19th

Wurzledubz 24th to 27th of May

West’est Fest 31st of May

Alive and dubbin 07ht of June

Bristol Volksfest 14th of June

Camperjam 05th of July

Dubtoberfest 26th of July

VW Festival 09th of August.

Cornwall VW Jamboree 23rd August

Busfest 06th of September

Vdubs in the Valley 13th of September

Dubs Collective 2 20th of September


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