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Hi everyone,
thank you for maintaining this wonderful forum and for all the effort which went into writing those great"fix it yourself" guides!!!T:

I recently bought a 2.5 TDI AVS 1997 and I have been feeling like it was lacking some severe power, was going up the hills alright but had no exceleration.

Firstly I looked at the vacuum and pressure hoses which were in a terrible state.
Thinking that this surely would cure my problem I ordered some silicone replacements.
When fitting the new hoses I used the forums diagram and realised that the pipes had been installed wrongly.
No wonder I had no power when the turbo wasn't getting no signal I thought.
Test drove and not an inch better!!
Next I checked my voltage supply and resistance on the N75 valve. - All o.k.
AS I only got a temperature sensor instead the MAP sensor I decided to take the air filter cover off (what a pig) and checked the plug on the MAF. - All clean asnew!
Unscrewed the MAF from the air filter housing and voila: the netting was completely clogged, I couldn't shine a torch through it!!
Cleaned it with a rag soaked in Carb-cleaner and blew it out.
Surely this must be it I thought and reassembled it, test drove it and ... nothing, not a bit of improvement.
For the third time I took off the intercooler and now had a look at the turbo feed pipe which as mentioned in a thread had become oval. Fitted a jubilee clip and it sealed nicely.
With no obstructions, no false air and all new pipes it should be alright I thought, but no there was no difference to be felt.
I now got out the Mighty-Vac and decided to test the wastegate actuator and there it was:
As I applied pressure I could see the bracket bend but no sign of the lever moving.
When I was giving the lever a helping hand it felt like it was seized up. Jumping from one tight spot to the next one and not returning.
I unscrewed the bracket and applied pressure to the actuator once more. The flap was now moving freely, so it wasn't seized!
After taking of the safety clip from the rod I unscrewed the lower nut and withdrew the complete assembly.
Upon inspection I noticed that the bracket had been previously welded.
The mating face of the bracket was bent and half a weld was sticking out. This I filed flat so the bracket could rest smoothly against the turbo without distorting and then slightly bending it in shape (alway trying it out by reinserting the rod into the lever, I eventually bent it just right for the lever to travel freely up and down the rod when the bracket was fixed back in place.
Before refitting the lower nut and safety clip I applied pressure to the actuator and the flap was now moving freely. BINGO

When this bracket is the slightest bit bent the connection piece, with the rod in it, jambs with the wastegate flap leever!!!

I could not believe the difference it made when I test drove it, now with a freely moving wastegate!

Took me a while, but thanks to all your good threads it was just a matter of time till I worked this one out!!!
Many thanks again, and keep up the good work.
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