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Firstly Id like to introduce myself. Im Shaun and in back to a Transporter again! so we all know what that means.........time to start all those jobs again!
So the van, ive now had her for about five weeks and work has started to commence
She is a:
2017 T6 SWB BMT Highline, 4 motion, DSG Blackberry with a mere 35k on the clock!

Audio, as usual the stock system is as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
So lets get started plan is 4mm sound deadening in the rear cargo area, sliding doors and front doors. (fronts yet to be done)
then she has been further improved by adding a 8mm closed cell foam acoustic barrier which also provides insulation purposes in the form of a neoprene material
on top of that ive installed 20mm acoustic egg foam like in recording studios.

So equipment wise
audison Voce AV k6 component speakers for the front of the van (purchased)
audison APD1 Monoblock amplifier to run subwoofer (Purchased)
audison Ap8.9 Forza edition amp (close to buying just getting the courage)

yet to get
audison controller for the amps
audison coaxial or another matching set of components for the rear
audison or focal 12 inch subwofer
Enclosure wise do i go:
A: underseat
B: Rear cargo area (ebay type for the transporter)
Time and lots of it
after that i will change headunit to likely the alpine halo unsure to go 9inch screen of hit it with the 11inch version
Hopefuly some sliding door pictures of tonights job

finally would you wondeful lot tag the audio guys especialy those who may have the ability to create loons to run from the headunit to drivers seat or the audison kit.
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Finally added some coat hangers for days out

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Welcome to the forum (and back to Transporters). Looking forward to seeing your audio install progress, sounds like a very nice set up.
I've got a 10" Focal sub under my drivers seat - from what I understand, that's best size to go for under there to work with the volume of space available.
I quite like the rear quarter sub boxes available on eBay as it makes good use of the dead space behind the wheel arches, however the guys at AbsoluT5 advised against running a sub back there as it would spoil the sound staging so I bow to their experience and knowledge and stuck with it upfront.
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