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got a issue with drivers side rear brake.

whenever i clean my wheels it has more carbon on than passenger side.

but tyre wearing out quicker on passenger side.

im thinking something isnt working right and it is possibly not breaking hard enough

plus is not releasing properly and wearing away pad quicker.

am i right to guess i need a new caliper

as it is sticking?

i do hear a noise sometimes from the brake at the back when pulling away. as though it hasnt fully released after i have braked

is this a common thing with a hopefully easy fix,

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My drivers side rear wasn't working, but turns out it wasn't the calliper piston at all but was a ceased slider bolt on the calliper carrier. Seems this is actually reasonably common fault.

I dismantled mine and replaced pads etc and gave things a good lube with copper grease but the slider bolt was stuck fast and snapped when I used force.

Anyway remove yours and have a look. The slider bolts which the calliper slides on should be springy. If not there's your fault.

Annoyingly I had to buy a new carrier from VW at £95 but I've not got a used one in my garage (set me back £35) if you find you need one.

Good luck!
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