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Hi All,

I've already posted a few questions but in the interest of not being rude, thought I'd post a proper intro here. I've just bought a 150k 2000 plate T4. As usual, it was covered in rust underneath but a quick search on FB managed to sort out a new step / sliding door panel.

It came with a bed in the back that was described as "suitable for a small adult." The adult would have had to have been very small :) Out it came and a rock and roll dropped in. Installing that I then realised the kitchen was wider than I thought, so that had to come out and be scribed back in.

As usual, there are many small jobs that need sorting and this site has been brilliant in allowing me to find info on most of them.

The aim is to use it as my daily drive for the next few months to give it a good shake down with the aim of taking it on a two month trip from the UK through Germany / Switzerland / Italy / Slovenia / Croatia / Bosnia / Serbia / Montenegro / Albania / Nth Macedonia / Greece ferry to Western Italy and then home again.
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