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Hi all,

Just leapt on the camperwagon and getting to grips with a 2011 T5.1 140 swb.

Overdue cambelt sorted, along with fluid changes and a thorough flush of the brake and clutch system having found the reservoir looked like miso soup :/

Reverse camera fitted properly after reversing a host of DIY wiring bodges.

Question for you about the ignition switch - which seems a common issue on forum but didn't find any mention of my concern.

The feel between accessory position and ignition is vague at best. In fact there isn't really any click as I expect. Only indication is whether the radio comes on alone, or the ignition lights on the dash illuminate. Similar in either direction.

My question is - does the 'feel' of the position clicks come from the barrel or the ignition switch itself?

I have previously changed a Golf 5 barrel and this just rotated freely with the key, so guess the switch?

Not tried yet, but does the steering wheel really need to come off to remove the column cowl?

Would only fit a genuine one in the hope of longevity- I am guessing £50 or so from TPS?

Appreciate your help!

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Yes - obviously in some positions the steering lock adds to the "feel" but the clicks should come from the switch. There have been people here who have said that it's possible to remove the cowl with the steering wheel in place, but when I did mine I came to the conclusion that VW had designed it to make it difficult without. Taking the wheel off isn't a hugely difficult job once you've mastered the airbag retaining clips - but don't forget to disconnect the battery first...
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