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For the second time now (yes, i must be a complete tool) i've bought and fitted an EWB to my 1.9tdi, looking for better ratios.
After fitting the first one i was dissapointed at the gearing still seeming low and gave a gearbox bloke a call who asked me what revs i was at at 70 - "3000", i told him. "has it been apart before?" he asked. "Yes" i told him. "It's had the final drive replaced and it's not the correct one. They aren't available. Trust me, i've been doing this for 25 years"......
**** it!
So i bought another one last week. Fitted it the other day. Guess what, same craic.
I can put a 0.62 fifth in but the data i've read on here says an EWB should be doing 78mph @3000rpm, so my question is what are your revs (not with 5th upgrade) on the motorway?
I want longer gearing throughout and even with the 0.62 fitted, sitting on the motorway is a bit of a ballache. I drove a mates 88bhp a few years back round Scotland which defintiely sat below 3000rpm doing 75ish. Could i really have bought two boxes with the same wrong/exchanged final drive?
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