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Hi All,

88bhp ACV engine
2000 Yr

Got a bit of a random one,

Firstly I've searched the forum for my topic and cannot find anything that similar.

So I had the engine running for say 30 mins at idle whilst I was tidying some wiring behind glove box (it was cold)........Didn't drive anywhere that day.

Upon driving it the following day I noticed a lot of smoke of a bluey/White colour, the led me to panic a bit! Once engine was fully warm there was no smoke at all. No smoke a few hours later either.

No leaks
No lack of power or difference in driving
No strange noises

Today after 24 hrs plus on the drive she started first turn and now smoke at all!!!! Like normal.

Question is, is there something wrong?

My initial thoughts after looking through the forum,
An over excited injector at idle?
Slight overfill after oil change?

There's no smoke without fire and all that!!!

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Stanadyne cheese injectors.
Agreed - we see this all the time.

We supply an upgrade for these engines called PP0.5 injecotrs that are Bosch units fitted with a mildly uprated nozzle

they will eliminate the smoke and provide a nice little performance upgrade thus killing 2 birds with one stone.

Feel free to message me or ask whatever you like I will be happy to reply.
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