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Just measured my ride height (T4) 400 front 450 rear! 馃槼 (70kg compressor behind drivers seat)
If I buy 50mm lowering springs is that going to get it to standard and will I have to alter the front too, ie down by 10mm?
Thanks, stay safe 馃

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Front is easy to adjust (just takes time..adjust/drive/measure/adjust/drive/measure again...etc, etc)

Depends if you have the same strict EU Kontrol as we do in Norway....if so, you have to get TUV paperwork for the springs, get the brake balancing valve set by computer (with paperwork) and then get them to measure the ride height on each wheel (Centre to arch).
That then goes into your paperwork (reg document).....and then you get stopped and they say "Rear is 5mm too low!"
You then have to argue "But yeah....I now have an extra 250kg installed!"
Took me 3 visits to the "Kontrol" before they finally agreed that the ride height DOES depend upon the load!!!!!

Whatever spring you buy, buy QUALITY Progressive ones.
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