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My rear barn door on the passenger side doesn't open from time to time. It's on a T4 2.5 Benzin from 1995. Do you have technical diagrams of the lock mechanism or can you send me pics of your own mechanism, so I can compare if a part is missing and what it is? I suspect a spring got lost. Just in case I also sprayed the mechanism with WD40, but this didn't help.

More details: the mechanism works, except for when I lock the door and then try to open it, despite that it is locked. In this case, a small lever doesn't return to its "rest" position. So I suspect a spring, that should be pulling it back to the rest position is missing. In this video you can see what I mean:

I also attach a few pics in larger resolution with arrows showing what's happening where. Let me know if I should attach more.

So, do you have any diagrams or pics for me to compare? Am I indeed missing a spring, where I suspect it? Do you spot what's wrong?

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