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Due to a change of Plan i've decided to sell my very rear set of seats...

I'm not entirely sure what they are originally out of, but they do have Jap writing on them. The seat unit sits on a central stem and it can rotate upto ( I think ) 180^, the seat backs also fold down flat so could form a temparary bed? I have used 2 sections of very solid 2"x3" box section to mount the seat to the floor and will include this with the seat.

Reason for sale? my GF and I now plan to use the van for long weekends and maybe even weeks away and while the seats would work (how I have installed them) short term as a bed I dont fancy a full week sleeping on them. Thats not to say with a bit of thought on how they are positioned they could form a very useful bed base.

I also have a set of seatbelts that I will include with the seats.

Looking for £80 all in... Seats will stay in the van until sold so please bear that in mind, would need a bit of notice to remove them.
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