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I have searched through about 30 pages in the search so I apologise if this has been covered else where.

I was driving along a month back and noticed smoke coming from my dash. Turns out it was the relay for the rear heater etc. Is it no. 99?

The garage asked if I wanted it replaced. I have said no, as I have blanked off the wiper and see no need for the heater.

It has now come to my attention that the screen wash pump doesn't do anything at all. I press the stalk and the wipers come on, but no wash comes out. I filled the bottle thinking this was the cause but not a lot went in and then I realised the pump didn't actually make a noise.

So, does the rear heater relay affect the front washers? Would it be possible for me to mount a switch for just the washers on the dash?

Merry Christmas everyone *<:)>
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