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Right .... Jacked up the rear and tried turning the wheel....

It turns, but with much more resistance then it should. Applied handbrake. Wheel locks. Release handbrake. Wheel turns as before. So handbrake function IS working.
However doesn't mean handbrake cable is not sticking i am sure.
So have a looj at the cable and the little rubber boots are perished, no doubt allowing more water then they should, so may as well replace it and see what happens seeing as I have them "in stock" A:
Handbrake cable off and the core moves very freely inside sheath, so it is unlikely to be this, unless I somehow freed it when removing? :*
Wound back piston to flush, refitted caiiper, fitted new cable and checked functions. All seems ok now (applying brakes a few times and handbrake on and off a few times will have repositioned piston again pretty much I would have thought?
Went out for a short drive snd monitored rear tyre temps. Driving like normal again ... Tyre temp creeping up as expected, and the key thing being equally both sides T:
Got back after around 10 miles and wheel is cool and same both sides. Tyre temps upto 16C both sides.
Fingers crossed it was just the handbrake cable :) Will replace the other side also to refresh the full handbrake cable setup as I need to do the front one as well :D
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