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Hi, I have a question about my 1997 T4. I took the rear passenger bench seat out when I bought it and now want to sell it, but it has four seats, not the usual three that I've seen on other vw vans. Is this rare, and can anyone recommend what price I should sell it at please?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Never seen one before!
Would be a problem for 4 adults I would think.

What mountings does it have to the floor?
Mushroom fittings?

I wouldn't think it was worth much, as it will only fit in a van with the correct mount spacings and seatbelts on the sides.
Not many people want a seat that only has lap belts on them.
Looking at the side shape, I guess it was meant to fit at the very back, over the wheel arches.
Not many vans (only Caravelles/Multivans and some modified for disabled users) as far as I know had seatbelt mounts on the "D pillar" as std.

I've got a T5 style 3 seater in my garage (different mountings to a T4), but has centre 3 point belt, and I'd give it away to anyone wanting to collect it just to make space.
The only T4 seats that are "valuable" are the Captains chairs for the front.....even then, unless they have the swivel bases, not so much.

Can't work out where you are from the "flag" showing your location.....did you fill that out correctly when you joined?
Assuming you are in UK.....maybe 50 quid?!?!
Whoever wants it, would probably have to fabricate mounts (underfloor strengthening) and sort out fitting plates into the D pillar and seat belt units.
Very small market I would think.
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