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I have a 1996 T4 Westfalia HT/LW California LH drive, had him for about 7 years and no serious problems to date.

Was cleaning the 2 tracks that the seat slides back and forth on down at the beach the other day and took out the 2 plastics stops at the front of the tracks in order to clean all the muck out. Finished the job pushed the seat back and got distracted by the kids and forgot to put the plastic stoppers back into the tracks. The next day whilst driving I had to do an emergency brake and the back seat which obviously had not locked into place came hurtling forward and slide all the way to where the aux heater vent is just behind 2 front seats. A couple of days later I tried to push the seat back but with no joy it was stuck. I looked at the tracks and all the runners appear to be in the tracks and the at the front there is about 1 inch of track visible. Normally to push the seat back you sit on the seat and with your left hand push a lever at the bottom right of the seat all the way to the left. The lever feels loose and floppy and I cannot push it all the way to the left or I can but nothing is happening.

Any ideas I could try or is this a job for an expert seat fitter?


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