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Hello All,

I've just got a T4 (N reg). Its a beaut.

However it currently has a 3 seat bench in the back that is a bit sketchy. The seat belts don't retract and thus is an MOT failure. I've taken it to my local garage and the mechanic has never seen seats like it and thinks spares for them would be impossible to find.

What I'd like to do is replace the 3 seat bench in the back with another 3 seat bench. I would like to have 3 point seat belts in all 3 rear seats but the mechanic has advised me it would be a lot easier to fit a seat with built in seat belts than to fit one without and attach the belts to the sides.

My problem is i can't seem to find any vehicle that has such seats that i can look out for second hand.

Can anyone suggest any or an alternative solution.



P.S a folding seat would be even better.
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