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I want to reconfigure my interior lights so that they can be run from my leisure battery.
I have a kombi 2005. It has two seperate lighting areas: front and middle benches and the rear boot light (which only illuminates when the boot lid is open). They are on seperate fuses/circuits.

I would like to use the main light fittings as the camping lights as too many lights on the ceiling will make it look messy.
I've tapped into the front lighting circuit with a relay (across two same coloured wires) to power some step lights and door lights I've added.
Is there anyway of linking the two circuits together so that they remain seperate under normal use and then come on together when the switch is flicked coming off the leisure battery? The only way I can see is using a selection of relays and diodes.

Using the relay I've added in the front to act as a swicthed control for a relay to switch the middle and front lights.(run new supplies to each light and disgread vw's wiring)
Use a relay in rear to operate in the same way as front (disregard vw's wiring again)
Then another relay to join the two together when leisure battery is powered and supply power for the lights
My only concern doing it this way is that I wont be able to use the buttons on the lights (such as map reading lights) unless I use a two way relay for the vans battery and leisure battery and keep the original wiring looms (this is where I'm starting to go a little cross eyed!:*)

For last summer I just put a 10x15 smd rectangle inside each fitting and linked them together directly off the swicth but found two main draw backs- 1. it looked a bit naff as the diffuser didnt light up evenly (yes I have ocdI:)
2. being from Hong Kong they only lasted two weeks before they started flickering and dimming.

I'd like to get this sorted once and for all so if anyone could suggest anything I'd be really greatful
Cheers NickT:
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