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I’d like to introduce myself, I started off on here as passattdi but swapped to Red5 as it was more appropriate. I bought this in Oct 2010, it had 134k on the clock but a full history as an ex-lease van and it was all straight. This was the shiniest it ever looked as I’m not as good as the seller at polishing but I will improve. The tyres were part worns and wore out too damn quick for my liking, after about £600 and another year gone by new tyres were fitted and they lasted a year again. I was not loving it and did a bit of research on it. The load rating on my tyres was all wrong, I ended up fitting tyres with a 106 load rating that you would normally find on a Range Rover Sport and things improved. In 2013 I decided to fit a set of steels on it for the winter and took the 20’s off, what a difference, easier to drive, more comfortable (doesn’t crash over the many pot holes) and much better fuel economy. The 20’s need a refurb as the polished rims have blown and discoloured, so a re-think of wheels is needed. I quite fancy the 19” BMW wheels in black, but that means I need to go lower to complete the look. I do like the banded steels too!!

The first of many mods, the wife likes driving it with the steels on. I wanted it to be comfortable inside and tried to make it look like a car inside so started some small mods.

Chrome door handles from a Caravelle, TPS told me that they didn’t do them for my van, stand your ground, they do!!

……….. and this as well, also from the Caravelle.

I’ve also carbon wrapped the dash trim and the piece of door card around the door handle, photos to follow shortly.

First sticker, many more to come

First mod by me and put on the forum. Two sprung hooks from the boot of any Passat, Golf, Bora or Audi. Ideally it could do with four fitted, two top and two bottom, the ratchet straps are from Ikea for about £2 a pair.

The inspiration for my next mod came from this, can you guess what this is yet?

Finally fitted, nearly!!

All wired up and working as well as looking tidy, even T5 Ted approves.

I always thought that the horn was a bit pathetic for a vehicle that was quite big so swapped the tiny horn on the right for the pair on the left from an Audi A8. They need a bit of tweaking as I think they are vibrating against the undertray or part of the body, that’s just a bit of tweaking and they’ll work properly. They do make a lot more noise than the standard horn and people get a surprise.

Our other VW is a Passat and I ended up swapping out the drivers side sunvisor and thought it would be ideal for my next mod. The following pics show what I did but on reflection I’d use the template of the material under the mirror to cut out on the T5 one just so that there’s enough material underneath to stick it and hold it all down. This stopped the wife moaning that there wasn’t a mirror.

Marking it all out

Cutting out all the polystyrene, messy

All fitted, I stuck it down with normal white silicon and put something heavy on top to make sure it sticks well

My next mod was this, an interior light from a VW Mk4 Golf, nice and easy to fit, no extra wiring needed, and it fits right in.

When I bought the van I asked the question as to whether it was soundproofed and insulated, I was told that it was. I pulled back one panel at the rear and found a 4” square block of Celotex, I’m sure that’s not enough to do the whole van. Since the start of January I’ve started stripping out the interior to soundproof and insulate the whole thing. First to come out was the wardrobe at the rear.
Excuse the iphone pics, the flash seems to create a blur around the edges.

Flashbanding on the panel first, white recycled plastic bottle insulation bought from CamoT5 on here, thank you. Then topped off with the foil insulation and stuck on with foil tape.

This all of the interior out now, this is the last part to be done. I’ve flashbanded the whole panel and I’ve used sheeps wool as its got a better thermal rating and it’s only 50p more expensive than the recycled bottle stuff. Also its thin enough to be doubled up.

I have front fogs fitted in the Caravelle bumper but they’re switched from a single switch on the dash. I bought and fitted this with the intent of switching it from one light switch like this so it all looks OEM, I now have the wire to run from the back of this switch to the existing one. I just need to re-wire part of the relay to do this.

And lit up

My Hula girl, bought at volksworld a few years ago, always get a smile when people see it, something different but not everyone’s taste.

These are my bargain so far, they were from a Mini Cooper Convertible that a tree had fallen across and not damaged them other than the stitching coming apart on the drivers seat where your right shoulder would be. A strip down and a trip to a local vehicle upholsterer and it was all done. I apologise for the pics, the iphone keeps flipping them for some reason.

This circular piece of plastic was blank and I thought it looked pretty bland. I tried to find a grey and white union Jack sticker to cover it but to no avail and the Mini forum chaps were not helpful as I was putting the seats in a VW van. So I carbon wrapped it and put the Ken Block Punisher sticker on each one. The C channel has yet to be painted black, its next on my list to do.

I bought a drivers seat from a wrecked T5, sold the seat and drilled out all of the spot welds to make it a passenger base, then I won this little beauty on eBay so they were ready for fitting. The issue I have is that that front bolts fit into the pre-fitted holes/welded nuts in the swivel plate but the back holes in the runners are bolted through the slots in the side of the swivel plate. This then fouls on the blocks on the lower part of the plate when swinging it round to face the rear. Has anyone got any suggestions other than welding the seat to it?

I’ve since carpeted the seat base and fitted a plastic rear base cover but it pops off every time the seat moves, plan B and a re-think.
I’ve got photos of my window being fitted in the rear on the passengers side but some are upside down on here and until I figure out how to correct them then I’ll leave them out for now. If someone can advise me as to how to correct these pictures then I’d be happy to learn how to do it.

We’ve camped with this nearly every year since we’ve had it including trips to Scotland and France, it never misses a beat. With our Khyam driveaway Xl its fantastic which was bought through a group buy on here along with our Fiamma bike rack which now takes four adult bikes comfortably.

As I’ve stripped out the interior the next thing is sorting out the wiring and getting it to some sort of order. I’m doing bits as and when I can but I want to get some bits done and back in ready for a day at Volksworld at the end of the month.

previously known as passattdi
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Unfortunately they made me buy the front and rear seats but I can't sell the rear seats to any of the Mini fraternity as they want the full set.

The plan is to sell my 20" wheels, buy a set of Porsche Boxster seats in dark grey leather and then sell the full set of seats to release the cash to put towards my pop top or a new set of wheels and some other shiny bits for the van.
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