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Reggio SK35A 35L 12v\240v Campervan Fridge SOLD !

Reggio SK35A
Two Way 240 and 12 Volt
35 Litre Absorption Fridge in Silver\Grey

Asking for £150


RRP £290

In good working clean condition. Removed from my own 2010 VW T5 camper

Just to note: this fridge needs pre cooling for a few hours from the mains. Once up to cooled temp it can be run off the 12v cig lighter in your campervan or motorhome. If you are using a hook up, the fridge can be connected directly with the 3 pin 240v plug mains.

35L Two Way Absorption Fridge 12v/240v

This 35 litre comes complete with a cigarette lighter type 12v plug and UK spec 3-pin plug for mains use. This fridge is shallower than most compressor fridges such as the popular Waeco CR50 fridges, at only 54cm deep, allowing it to be built into a narrow camping unit, so allowing for a 3/4 width bed, without the fridge needing to protrude into the living space.

This fridge is small enough to replace an older 3 Way fridge, commonly fitted in many older Camper Vans. It comes with two moveable shelves allowing you to get a full height wine bottle easily standing up, or it is wider enough to lay a bottle down.

Comparing an Absorption Fridge with a Compressor Fridge

The fridge works in the same way as a traditional 3 Way fridge, (but without the gas heater) by heating a coiled evaporator loop on the rear of the fridge, to pull the heat out of the fridge, as opposed to using a compressor to produce the cooling effect. These cost effective fridges do use more power than a compressor fridge, so if you want to park up and go off grid for a few days, without mains hook up, or Solar power, you are better looking at the more costly compressor fridges. But for the occasional weekend trip, or if you have mains hook up, then these fridges can't be beaten for value, at less than half the price of a compressor fridge.

As a quick example, these fridges pull up to 6.25 amps per hour on 12v, so if you have a 120AH leisure battery, you could run this fridge for almost 20 hours before draining the battery. But if you have an overnight stop and then travel on, you will be recharging the battery ready for your next stopover.


Brand - Reggio

Capacity: 35 litres

Silver\Grey with White Interior

Coolant/Insulation: CFC Free

Power: DC 12v 6.25amp AC 240v 0.33amp

Supplied with a cigarette lighter type plug and UK spec 3-pin plug for mains use.

Electrical Rating: 75w

Energy Consumption: 0.9kwh/24h

Net/Gross Weight: 13/15kg

Product Dimensions: H51cm x W38cm x D42cm


2 x Shelves

Tested and certified to meet all applicable UK electrical and safety standards


IMPORTANT: Please note that before every outing, the appliance must be run on mains operation to operating temperature. Once this is done, you can operate the fridge off your 12v battery for the duration of your journey. This will maintain the pre-achieved temperature until you arrive at your destination when you need to revert to a 220/240v supply to maintain temperature. Please note that the Interior Light does not operate on 12v power.

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