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Just purchased and tried to fit a Reimo 'instant shower tent' with the following comments. AVOID. The pictures posted by Reimo and very missleading and the product is of sub-standard design. Main points I came across in trying to fit to my VW T4 Syncro California:

1. There is no paper template or dimensions provided to fit the pop fastners. May not sound like much but when you are working with the tailgate open and trying to manage the weight of the curtain to use it to locate the position for the pop-fastners, it's more of an effort than it should be. What you do not know (there are no instructions) is if slack is required for the cover and thus the pop-fastners may not be in the right place

2. You have to drill through into the tailgate metal underneath the door card & 2 drill sizes are required but no information is provided on this

3. It is more than just a struggle to fold the curtain back up once deployed and its almost impossible to get it flat to fit back inside the cover. The photo's by Reimo are undoubtedly deliberately missleading hear as they show a flat cover with the shower tent inside. Its simply not possible to get the tent flat and effectively you have to 'stuff' it back into the cover which consequently is a bulged object. Well it would be if the pop-fastners did not come loose as you attempt to stow and the cover was not too small in the first place. This is bad design

4. In my case one of the suction cups at the top was missing. I would say that a magnetic strip sewn into the side would be a much better bet for fastning the tent to the side of the vehicle. With the Syncro there is a spare wheel carrier on the back and this got in the way of the lower suction cup which was rendered useless on this side. I think this is bad design

5. There is no velcro at the top of the cover so this means there is no temporary holding to support folding the tent.The weight of the tent and the size means that folding is an almost impossible task. This is really bad design

Overall, a good idea but this product is simply NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and cannot be recommend to anyone for anything! - unless you modify the tent with a sewing machine and velcro plus you would have to make a new stowage cover.
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