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It's most likely these things are unrelated, but here's my story.

My break pads on my vw t4 1996 2l petrol van were extremely worn down, so I simply replaced them.

Once completed the van was parked overnight on a slight upward slope.

Next morning, the van simply will not start, the day before it was starting perfectly.

Although my battery has not been changed yet, it is reading very well, I've even charged it fully overnight AND used a jump starter to get it going.. Still nothing.

All wires seem to be all connected. I have lots of fuel in the van also

Here's the thing, the spark plugs when I remove them are slightly damn with oil, only slightly, the van does have a cylinder gasket leak currently,

I've cleaned the spark plugs up, and tested them....... And they are NOT sparking at all. None of them.

Which brings my attention to the coil pack. I have removed it, nothing obvious, when I start the engine without it, there is no change to the sounds. It's as if the coil pack simply isn't working.

Am I right?

Your help and advice would me most appreciated.

So here's a run down of what I have checked:

1. I have sufficient fuel
2: the fuel filter is pretty new
3: the spark plugs are now clean and dry (despite being a little hilly when I first took them out)
4: the battery has been fully charged and seems to be giving out the correct voltage for a large amount of time
5: I have boosted the battery also
6: coil pack has been removed but not replaced the engine sounds the exact same as it did with it in NO CHANGE
7: the spark plugs are NOT sparking up on ignition.

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Nope, sadly no alarm fitted In the van.

Here's an update with my progressed.

*Changed the coil pack NO CHANGE
*Distributor cap removed and cleaned NO CHANGE
*spark plugs changed NO CHANGE
*battery changed NO CHANGE

The ignition switch has already been bypassed by an ordinary push button switch, so it really can't be the ignition.

I'm stumped... Well and truly stumped.

My attention is now pointed to the distributor though. What if it's not spinning? This could be why the spark plugs rant sparking right?

Could it be the shaft that's physically not turning the distributor cam?

It's a hum dinger.......

THANKYOU for your help though.. Very much appreciated.

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Remove the distributor cap and get some one to spin the engine over, see if the rotor arm spins. Don't think it will be that though.
You need to get it plugged into a machine and see what codes are stored in the memory.

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Hi mart1n, only just read this post.

We must of been on the same wavelength that day because I just fixed it yesterday.

Decided to take apart the distributor again, I pulled the distributor rotor off, to see if the arm was spinning.

It was indeed spinning.

As I looked at the distributor rotor, I noticed, it was very worn on the metal parts (black to be exact).

See photo

When it should look like this

I returned everything back to its normal position and was ready to try it out.

Low and behold the engine started right away, although it was misfiring a little bit here and there, I decided to give the spark plugs a god clean (as I did have them out quite a few times in the whole process, and they did catch on the engine a couple of times, so they were pretty dirty.

So yeah, there you go.

Thank you so much for all of your help.

No doubt I'll be on here again soon with my next problem haha

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